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Posted: 20 Of September 2019

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Posted: 19 Of September 2019

  • Wagering requirements: X40
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  • The bigger your deposit, the higher the bonus will be. You will enjoy this casino and its attractive prizes to the fullest.
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Sports betting

Many things can fail in this world, but sport fans loyalty. No matter whether their team is losing or not, they will always cheer it up. That is the main reason why sport gambling has emerged and become popular over the last decades. Actually, many people wait until the end of the week, so they can bet in favor or against our favorite team or sport. Some of them place their bets just for fun, to measure how much we know about football, tennis, martial arts, golf, horseraces or formula 1. Our website is well aware of this fact, so it provides a great section to place their bets on their favorite sports, taking all fun and entertainment to the next level, but first let us talk about sport betting origins.

As its name clearly states, sport gambling involves predicting a sport result. Let us say you are a Barcelona fan and you have a prediction on the goals, winner or players of the match against Real Madrid, you could get a juicy prize if one of them is right. Obviously, predicting a match result is not as easy as it might seem, as there are certain aspects to be considered such as, for instance, fans expertise on a certain team or player, the referee decision and even the possible players killing the match.

Sport betting is as ancient as people passion for competition. In fact, its origins date back more than 2,000 years ago. Greek people started to wager on their favorite sport and it rapidly spread to Rome, in which slaves and emperors used to place their bet on certain games like gladiators fights, for instance. As members must have realized, the sport gambling has evolved throughout history by adding the hottest competitions to get people attention. The first popular event was horse race betting, which became very popular in England and United States in the 19th century. Later on, sport gambling included football, boxing, car racing and others and it left a few competitions behind, as people were no longer interested about them.

Currently, sport gambling is a millionaire business that has become even more popular with internet. It has even made its way to Smartphones and Tablets, so players can wager as they move. Hence, those days in which you had to go to your favorite sportsbook or to a physical casino are coming to an end.

What types of sport gambling are there?

As you can imagine, there is a wide variety of sport betting that sometimes depend on the game selected. In broad sense, all bets have the same quality, so no bet is better than another one. However, there are some wager requiring better explanation, as it might be confusing at first glance. Seasoned bettors are obviously acquainted with most of them, but if you are just giving your first steps in this, do not worry, our website is in your corner. We will explain to you the basic categories.

Straight bets

This is the most common wager that players can find when it comes to football or basketball. To put it simply, members can place their bets on their favorite team or the underdog and get the points. The favorite has to win with more than the set point, whereas the underdog has to win or lose with less than a point.

Parlay bets

Parlay bet, or also called multiples, is also a popular kind of bet, in which members can make two bets in one single bet. The benefit of this wager is that it offers larger payouts than straight bets. Let us say, for instance, in this kind of bet users can include five football teams in an accumulator or parlay. Payouts are estimated depending on the number of selections made.

Handicap bets

This kind of bet is also popular worldwide, giving you the possibility to increase your chances of winnings, but it decreases the odds. To put it simply, players give a virtual advantage or disadvantage to some competitors to the underdog, making the field even. Technically, this bet works with points-based sports such as football, rugby, basketball, tennis and horseracing.

Teaser bets

This offer is similar to parlay, with the difference that players can modify the point spreads in return for a lower overall payout. For instance, when there is a six-point teaser bet, this means that a 3.5 point can redeem 9.5 points.

In addition, our website will give you a hand by recommending some sport betting depending on your levels.

Newcomer: if you are starting in the sport gambling, we highly recommend placing a straight bet, making you win some money if your player or team wins.

Seasoned bettors: these kinds of players has a lot of savvy wagering, so they can opt for any kind of bet, although it is highly recommend to try their luck in parlay bets.

How can I place my bets?

Now that you know the most frequent type of bets, you are likely eager to start, but how can I do it? First, members need to search for the most interesting online casinos. Luckily, we will show a list with the most popular sites below:

Vivelasuerte casino: this Spanish website does not only offer a wide catalogue, but it also includes a 5-euro sign up bonus and a nice welcome package. If you want to redeem this bonus, select ´bonus´.

Marca Apuestas: this website is also devoted to sport betting. Here you can find a registration bonus and then a deposit offer. Do not forget to claim some of these promotions to place your bets.

Some other websites including sport gambling comprise the following: Wannabet, Circus Casino and more. Certain rollover requirements are attached to the casinos, so check them out before wagering.

Now that you are quite familiar with the sport gambling industry, try your luck at any of our websites. Do not forget to contact customer support in case you have any questions, any of our representatives will kindly answer.